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Warrior Wasted

Wasted From Within

I LOVE performing my original song “W A R R I OR!!!” There’s nothing more empowering than singing your soul’s anthem as well as your own music! I’m a warrior thanks to the people who believe in me, the ones who always encourage me to be me, the ones who never stopped cheering me on especially when I don’t always feel strong, and the one’s who love and respect me as a human being.

I’m MORE of a W A R R I O R because of the one’s who hate me as they need more love, the people that misunderstand me as they are misunderstood, the people that may think I’m toxic because I’m being direct, the ones that talk $hit cuz they can’t be real because they’re not being real within themselves and need more healing.

I AM A WARRIOR because I BELIEVE IN ME! It takes a true W A R R I O R spirit to realize the strength inside oneself to conquer all the BS and silence the noise inside the mind to keep showing up every single day in this crazy world!

I am grateful for the musicians that learned my original song in such a short amount of time so I can heal in hopes of helping others heal through my music. It's easy to get wasted on booze, but do you have the strength to be "Warrior Wasted?"


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