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Pet Pals with Fox 5 Vegas

N.S.P.C.A Brunch Bash Bark Rescue

Animals make the world a better place and this is an event I was so proud to be part of! Bare with me as I reflect backwards and get caught up to present time. On April 29, 2023, it was an absolute pleasure to be part of the Nevada S.P.C.A Brunch Bark and Rescue event held at the Silverton Casino inside Veil Pavilion. "Hey mom, look I am on T.V. again!"

Pictured from Fox 5 News station in Las Vegas, we were able to chat alongside executive director of Nevada S.P.C.A, Terry Heeran, as Emmy Award winning news anchor Jason Feinberg collected information regarding the Bark Rescue Brunch event for their Pet Pals weekly segment. Each week the Nevada S.P.C.A promotes an animal available for adoption on Fox 5's Pet Pals.

Pictured here with my partner in rhyme, I mean... crime. LOL No we don't commit any crimes however are two of a kind. Ok, ok, I kid, I kid! I didn't have my smise on as there was much to be candid about on this day... so why try to be so proper?! Can I smise? Sure...been there done that and now it's time to be me. Above all, it was a beautiful day to smile from ear to ear as animals were getting the attention they deserve. As humans we keep ourselves imprisoned in our minds. Animals, unlike humans, don't have a voice, so it's our duty as humans to give them one.


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