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The Light of My World

A True Warrior Spirit.

Perhaps I should have written about this special lady sooner. Sometimes we often get wrapped up in striving for something that we forget what is truly important and in this case, if it weren't for my mom, I would not be here typing up these words for whomever decides to read. This picture above was taken on Thanksgiving Day 2022. Every year, my mom cooks the absolute BEST Thanksgiving feast. I've always been at my busiest helping her clean as we invite friends and family whom are very near and dear to our hearts get a taste of her amazing food I still have yet to master. Her food deserves a restaurant. Truly.

This was taken on Mother's Day this year before she started getting sick. The joy resembled in her being is the very reason I'm here to fight to keep that smile and joy going!

Here we are at the Donny Osmond show on Mother's Day weekend. I have friends in that show and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves watching them shine on that stage. Sometimes it is nice to take a breather to enjoy entertainment instead of be the entertainment.

My mom has pushed me to take music lessons growing up. I wish I would have taken piano like she wanted when I was really little however it worked out the way it was supposed to work out. She has always made me laugh and smile. I never saw her shed a single tear until my grandma passed away a long time ago and then recently when I told her I am here for her and choosing her above all including singing or humming for awhile, and to never hold inside what she feels. You see, if it weren't for my mom, caring for me in her womb for nine months, and making sure she gets the best nutrients in her body, then there would be no me. It is now my time to reciprocate. I have to make sure she has the very best of everything in order to heal completely. I have to cover all aspects... emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

It's ironic it stormed on my birthday this year after I worked hard researching my mom's symptoms and getting her to the E.R. a couple of weeks prior. I had a show in Phoenix on Memorial Day weekend that wasn't quite sitting right with me as my intuition knew something was off. It was in fact nauseating, it bothered me that bad. I didn't want to be around anyone so I would hide in a bathroom stall to catch a moment in between songs or hide in a side room next to the stage. I never had stage fright or anxiety when it comes to being in front of people. That weekend, I had anxiety from my gut telling me to run in the opposite direction from the stage and music. It was time to do some deep healing in all areas of my life.

Emotional pain and stress from anything manifests into the physical body...this I know. There is a lot of coordinating and multitasking that has to go on when it comes to being a human being. We have to listen to ourselves and get to the root of a problem and nurse it back to health. Everyone is broken in one way or another on this planet. If we learn to heal ourselves, we can heal others and the planet.

The sun shined through after it stormed all night on my birthday a couple of weeks ago. It is symbolic that life is fragile and with every storm, the storm fades and the sun shines again always.

My mom is the main reason why I am strong. It is because she has the strength of a hundred men. A true "Warrior" spirit.


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