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Stars Aligned

Dancin to My Own Beat.

I finally feel like I am becoming more like myself! As humans, we wear so many different hats and the media is constantly trying to tell us who we are and how we should be or look. It's exhausting because as a child we all knew exactly who we were and then as we get older we become more and more distant with ourselves to the point where we get lost. I've written music for years and years, and most of the time I hear another voice on a song that I write that should be singing my words. Sometimes I hear an R&B person with all the licks and runs should be singing what I wrote. Then at times I write a great EDM song and sometimes I beat myself up over it because I hear an airy, high, and angelic female voice that should sing what I wrote... and that's far from what my voice is about. The list and genres I can write goes on from pop to country. I guess I should have made a professional creative career in songwriting for different artists!

Shoulda. Coulda. Still can and am. I am finally writing songs that caters to my voice and I must say, I have fallen completely in love with the songs that are going to be on my EP that I have written! I've never been so excited in my life! It's an adrenaline rush and I can't wait to show the world what I have in store. Each day I piece together something that goes along with my vision. Being an artist is a journey within yourself and through yourself so that whatever messages your soul is meant to get out for people to hear will come out, almost like an outer body experience. It is why music brings people together. I've had so much to go through and grow through that I finally made my way back. The stars aligned and now the real journey begins. In the process its all about self love so you can spread that joy and inner light with others who need it. I hope that whoever reads this truly believes it for themselves.


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