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Let Music Be Medicine

Live Music Lives On.

After taking a hiatus for a few years, it sure is nice to be performing on stage again. I needed a break after doing shows plus I grew tired of singing songs that weren't truly cohesive with who I was. It became more of a job where I couldn't quite be myself. In fact, I sang songs that didn't even allow my voice to shine and that's no fun! After what I call "being suppressed" with my vocal abilities, I needed a break to find my bearings again. Surrounding myself with others who were creatives throughout the past years while I tried to figure out who the hell I was has been part of my journey to grow not just personally, but as an artist.

Wanna get to know an artist's soul? Watch them perform their art live or better yet, watch the grueling process seeing them work countless hours on their craft. Singers, musicians, dancers, directors, producers, etc... the list goes on. Just because they aren't in the limelight doesn't mean they aren't working. When you can see that spark of joy in their eyes when they are doing not only what they love, but the thing that sparks joy in their core being, it's pure magic! As an artist, I've learned its a journey of discovering who I am and being fearless enough to express it. Each artist has something special and unique to offer. Currently, I'm songwriting and allowing my soul to heal through music in hopes of helping others that listen to know they are not alone and of course to rock out! Music is truly medicinal.

This weekend I get to perform with a band called Ashley Red that has been around for 20 years or so. "Seasoned musicians" is an understatement. It's truly an inspiration when I know someone personally who has made a legit long lasting run with music. The band Ashley Red were grinding it out with music long before social media was even a thing! In a way, I think that's pretty rockin!

I'll be performing with the band Ashley Red this weekend in Phoenix, AZ:

Friday July 23rd at CB Live in Scottsdale 830pm-1230pm

Saturday July 24th at Copperblues Downtown Phx 9pm-1am


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