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Feelin Alive


When there's a fire burning inside yourself to let loose what you have suppressed for so long, it has to be unleashed! The soul can't be free and happy if you don't allow yourself to run wild with who you are on the inside. "To thine own self be true." For most of my life I have followed my heart and gone with the flow and I have been very lucky when I trust my intuition. The universe has a funny way of confirming what you are meant to be doing especially when you know deep down who you are and trust your path. Sometimes life lessons have to be worked out through others that get mixed in throughout a person's journey. Some people serve a few months, a few years, or an entire lifetime. For anyone that reads this, you just know exactly who your tribe people are. The ones that give you that sick to your stomach feeling, that's a sign that person needs to learn from you or you need to learn from them whether it be good or bad no matter how tough it may be. Then there's that feeling that you know when it's no longer a good thing to be around what makes you feel on such a low vibration because you start forgetting who you are or you have to suppress so much of yourself and walk on eggshells to barely breathe. That's no way to live!

The minute you choose what is right and what is great for you, everything starts to fall into place. Most importantly when you work on yourself and choose what makes you happy in life and what sets your soul on fire then run with it. More of that energy will start to flow into your life. The hardest thing for us humans to do is to trust and to forgive. Trust yourself and forgive yourself. That's where it starts and then you will find who you are again.

We all go through the rollercoasters of life. I'm far from perfect. However, I do know that I feel more alive now than I ever have in the past all because I rekindled with my passions through music and anything creative. I am grateful to have performed on a stage again a couple weeks ago to do what I enjoy. I feel alive for the first time in a very long time! As for my personal style, I'm going to hone into my own metamorphosis then fly like a butterfly!


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