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Eye of the Tiger

Art Discovery.

Making this music video to "Wild & Free" has been an absolute journey! I enjoyed taking my time with it and I learned so much in the process. It is officially in the first stages of editing and I can't wait to share it. One of my favorite memories about this project was tracking down an artist that painted this awesome tiger mural that was shot and featured in my music video in DTLV. I felt it would be appropriate to get the artist's permission to use his work in my video. I discovered a graphic artist named Aaron (FASM) from Modesto, CA that painted this awesome mural with his longtime buddy (KASM) that I absolutely loved. Aaron has painted murals all around the world. It's been an awesome treat to have this piece of art in my music video as it made certain scenes more colorful! Afterall, according to Chinese New Year, 2022 is the year of the Tiger!

Here are a few pieces I love that are painted by Aaron. His website is


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