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A Song I Wrote & Recorded Early 2020.

Life is hard lets face it and 2020 was a rough year for many. I was carrying leftover trauma and emotional weight into the new year prior to shutdowns. Sure, my social media looked like I was doing cool stuff prior to shutdowns, but inside I was going through personal heartbreak along with a close friend of mine was also going through it far worse than I was. At the time, I always looked to that person as a "level- headed has it together type person." We were both a mess so I was going through a bit of a dark period deep down alone. Most people have experienced heartbreak at some point in their lives and for me, I've definitely had my fair share of them unfortunately. Relationships take a ton of work and sometimes that work gets exhausting and you naturally grow apart over time. It hit me hard early 2020 and this song flowed out of me organically. My dog resting his head on my lap every time I would try to sing a verse, made it worse because animals can always sense emotion and my dog would look up at me in sad puppy eyes as I cracked trying to get through this song. I couldn't even keep it together when I flew out to record it with my friend in LA. There's the back story on this song. "Crashin" will be up on Spotify as a random single release so stay tuned.

I have always been a creative emo growing up. In a way as an artist, you kind of have to be I guess. I love deeply, hurt deeply, cry, laugh out loud, act silly, have serious moments...I sometimes feel down right crazy for being a highly in tuned empath (meaning I can pick up on people's hurts and emotions very easily)! I'm human. I have a handful of really close friends that I believe are my soulmates and that's truly all I need. They keep me feeling grounded, safe and smiling when I forget to smile. Also, laughing with family and friends is my absolute favorite joy in life!

I'm a social butterfly and a recluse simultaneously. I have my walls up. Everyone has a past that led them to become who they are now. I'm guarded as to who I let into my heart. I'm jaded and it's not good to be jaded otherwise how else do you allow love to come back in and find you? As for healing, music has been my way to artistically express myself. Piece by piece, song by song, perhaps I'll heal & feel more alive than ever....


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