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Boog University

Let the Soul Dance.

I have to give my creative and talented friends a shout out! Boog University is a clothing line that was developed by my friends who are dancers here in Las Vegas. The name Boog University was inspired by the Electric Boogaloo dance that originated in Fresno, California. It has an interesting history and my friends that dance in this style are pretty sick! It takes skills and practice to get it down. I've had a few private lessons and they were empowering in such a way that helps break you out of your comfort zone. I want to say that right there is the art of dance! Life is about going beyond your comfort zone to let your mind, body and spirit move in such a way that it's not used to moving. Dancing trains the mind to shut up and let the soul move so you no longer feel stuck. When I am feeling depleted in energy or in need of joy, I take a dance class and surround myself with my friends who are professionals that teach. Their energy is infectious!

I love this soft velvet zip jacket and it is most certainly warm for the freezing winters that DO in fact exist here in Las Vegas. It's definitely hard to believe that right now when we are in triple digit "so hot it will melt your popsicle!" weather as Katy Perry would sing! LOL The sweatpants are also freaking awesome as they are high waisted and also tie at the bottom. For more pictures and merchandise please go check out and support my friends at


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