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Behind The Scenes: Day 2

Shooting Music Video to Wild & Free.

Scene 2 was shot a couple weeks ago for "Wild & Free" and it's been an exciting journey. I've been staying busy between filming, work, writing, organizing shoots, recording my next song, taking classes, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I've never experienced so much growth and pains and gains and awesomeness in my life! I must say, I've never worked my ass off this hard on all levels both mentally, physically and spiritually. I've never felt so ALIVE in my life and I'm super grateful for each and every day. When the people closest to me say they love seeing me this happy, I can't help but tear up because it took me a long time to get my bearings right with myself.

I was always the shy, scared fearful kid and perhaps it's from old ancestral programming along with all the other garbage that society throws in on the daily. I felt like my entire life, I knew what I wanted and then I would stop myself from going any further and distract myself with other unnecessary crap. I feel like we are flooded with so much social media nowadays and we compare ourselves when really, none of it matters in the end. You're not going to win over everybody. The haters will hate because they can't give you the love you deserve as they don't know how to give love to themselves. In turn they probably didn't have great role models in their lives growing up so they grow up being terrible adults who are lost because they stopped going after what brings them joy. It goes deep and the only way to really be the best human you know how is to look inside yourself and heal those traumas from childhood first.

In this song, I address saying I am fearless and I've been finding myself asking myself lately, "Wait a minute, am I truly fearless? Am I truly being authentic to the words I wrote and sang in my own original song?" Lately, I've been pushing myself to branch out of my shell lately so I can live up to being fearless. Ice skating used to scare me because I wanted to go so bad that when I went for the first time over 15 yrs ago and kept falling down, I gave up and was over it. A couple weeks ago, I went and didn't fall once. They say when you fall you get back up. I know, I know lame to say, but it's true. You must keep trying and keep going especially if it brings you joy. I feel as if I know who I am now and I guess I was always a little timid to truly be me. I was never afraid to be transparent and talk to people, however being me was not the easiest because I've always been so weird and different. I've worn so many hats in my life! My resume' is pretty eclectic. Lately, I've been lassoing fear and stuffing it in a dark ditch somewhere in my subconscious and have been pretty bold when it comes to business. I've always seen myself as free thinking and resilient especially on days when I don't feel so great. No matter what, I've been choosing love over fear.

We are all different yet the same and dealt different cards...different hands. Music makes me feel less alone and more connected with not just myself but to others. I'm so thankful I am able to work on this music video to a song I am proud of regardless of what anyone says about me or the song. If it weren't for a team of awesome people I didn't believe in, I wouldn't be writing these words. I'm truly on cloud nine!

I had a blast staging this scene by strategically picking out some of my personal items and placing them around. Can anyone spot a wooden monkey? LOL


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