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Behind The Scenes

"Wild & Free" Photoshoot For My Single Cover.

I had a blast this past weekend shooting pictures for my upcoming song "Wild & Free." This single will be one of the first that I release from my upcoming rock/pop album. Working on creating projects has always been a passion of mine especially when it comes to music. "Wild & Free" holds a special place in my heart because I've always wanted to create an original song that not only shares who I truly am as a person, but is also a positive uplifting anthem reflecting self love and empowerment. There is a super power inside us all laying dormant. As long as we aren't afraid of our own shadows and we are fearless in the pursuit of our dreams while staying true to who we are...ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. We are all meant to be "Wild & Free" however sometimes we are afraid of unleashing that fearlessness inside. I've been a victim of it myself. I believe that's what being an artist is about.... Unleashing the power within...unapologetically and unafraid.

These are a few behind the scenes shots from the shoot over the weekend shot in Downtown Vegas.

Stay tuned to see what photo I decided to go with for my upcoming rock/pop anthem "Wild & Free" from this shoot as the album photo that will be distributed across all music platforms!


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