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Behind The Scenes: Day 1

Shooting Music Video to Wild & Free.

"Wild & Free", for what seems like an entire lifetime for me to write and sing, is about knowing how life is too short to not be happy. We can only spread joy if we are kind enough to ourselves to do what we love and follow our true path and to not ignore that path. As humans, we tend to hold ourselves captive in our minds that can keep us from moving forward in the direction of our dreams. This personal anthem is about forgiving oneself so that one can be fearless in the pursuit of what sets the soul on fire! This song is not only my personal mantra and anthem, it's for everyone and anyone willing to listen to their soul. I think of friends and strangers who HAVE that fire inside, but as we all know life can get in the way at times, and the key is that by being true to oneself, one is liberated. I can see the cashier stuck behind the counter, the nurses taking care of patients, the mail man, the chef, the DJ, the executive, the homeless guy on the street corner, the single mother or father struggling to feed their child to make ends meet, the waiter, the janitor,...etc. Most humans have that fire laying dormant inside but that fire got pushed aside because they've been so worried about unforeseen circumstances therefore energy gets depleted. Sometimes there's no time and energy in a day to go after what it is that we want so we have to LOVE ourselves enough to have boundaries and to take care of ourselves by listening to ourselves. We are all striving to do the best we can to survive and this song is about not letting that fire for whatever passion it may be to die out no matter what. Take tiny steps every day to allow yourself to make YOUR SOUL happy. By doing so, you will make a difference in somebody else's life. There's a spark that lights up inside each and every single one of us, however we're doing the best we can given the cards that we are dealt. Any single person can make a difference in a day, but first you have to give yourself a chance to make a difference in YOU. Inner Alchemy. Once you learn to do that with yourself, to truly love yourself, be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, you can do that for another. Heal yourself first and you heal others by your own grace. It’s pure magic!

With that said, I am overjoyed as my vision is unfolding for the music video to "Wild & Free." One day I know I will write a book talking about this crazy journey. The person I chose to make this vision of mine come to life, has that fire. I witnessed it when I was in a yoga class and the instructor had him introduce himself. He said that he sold everything he owned in his apartment to live out of his car so that he can vlog about it and capture it for his Youtube channel. If that is not extreme passion, I don't know what is! He had a smile on his face that reflected freedom and passion along with excitement, a sense of fearlessness from that decision that he made for living in his car that allowed me to see something inside of myself that I wanted to conquer as well. I reached out to him via social media to be my photographer for my fashion blog at the time and he became one of my main photographers I chose to work with for the past couple of years. He was passionate enough to capture moments I wouldn't think of that I would be super excited about. Our first shoot on the Las Vegas strip, rain poured down hard, literally! He told me lets run with it and to bring an umbrella! I bought an umbrella at the corner pharmacy and the rest was history! The pictures came out awesome! We've worked on different shoots and creative projects, and now my passion project of creating this music video to "Wild & Free." It's been a couple years in the making, but I am super overjoyed knowing deep down that this was worth the wait! Taylor Moats thank you for making my visuals come to life! Your skills and passion as a photographer, director and producer are fire! I've believed in you since day one and this will only be the beginning!

Imogene aka "Momo Artistry" has been my beauty guru and soul sistah for over a decade now! She always makes me feel beautiful with her awesome superstar artistry! Imo is the one to thank for this glam makeup look! I am forever grateful for her always believing in me and listening to my dreams. I will always love you Momo!

Willie Saunders, I know we just met on this video shoot, but thank you thank you thank you, for capturing these awesome behind the scenes shots! These are so DOPE! I wouldn't be writing this post if it weren't for these! There were so many great ones to choose from. You SHINE! Keep at it and I look forward to working with you in the future!

There are others that I have yet to thank such as the people behind making the song come to life! I love writing and I don't know how to make anything short. I will name those people in future posts. Trust me, you know who you are! I don't forget!

This music video will be EPIC! I am appreciating every moment of this journey!


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