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The Next Song is Brewin

Song Number Two for 2022.

I've been on cloud nine lately as I have been filming scenes for my music video to "Wild & Free!" I truly feel like I'm living my purpose and I am so grateful for all the moving parts such as the people that are in on this magical journey with me. I don't think there's a day so far in 2022 that I have not cried tears of absolute joy! "My palms are sweaty," like Eminem would rap, from all these ideas flowing in along with all the synchronicity I've been experiencing! I am on my righteous path and I can feel it! :) I couldn't have made all this happen if I didn't feel like I had the right people in my life around me to help make it all happen. Now I see the importance of having a team of people around whom you can trust that believes in you and has your back and helps make your vision a reality because in turn they too, are being their authentic selves. The amount of love that I have experienced has been amazing and it's allowing me to grow and have so much compassion for others and it makes me want to help others so much to where I feel like I have to start hiring more people to make it all come to fruition.

I started to work on my next song a couple of weeks ago with Tony the Tiger, and I am now writing these words because I've been going and going and going non stop. It's part of "living the dream" as they say! I've been pretty fearless with everything I've been taking on lately, however writing songs and getting it all out and finally living my authentic truth along with it has been the craziest and most empowering feeling ever! My heart wants to explode on the daily. I have these moments where I have to pinch myself to see if I'm even dreaming. I used to not ever want to wake up in the mornings because I wasn't living my true path and now that I am, I've been waking up before the sun rises naturally as I "don't want to miss a thaaaaang," like Steven Tyler would sing! I am truly overjoyed. This next song is cookin and on the path to being awesome just like the last and I can't wait for the world to hear it. I'm not going to giveaway what the title will be just yet :D


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