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Shot out from a canon, Angela is a high energy artist that has plenty of stage performance tucked in her back pocket. Long before storming Area 51 was a thing, Angela shared the stage with an alien that spit fire out from his finger and used him as a DJ in her live shows. Jumping on a trampoline as she sang live, her talented alien was Grammy award-winning DJ Swamp from Beck. A successful audition for world renowned producer and creator of the Pussycat Dolls, Robin Antin, led Angela on tour singing backup vocals for UK's pop artist Matt Goss, formerly known from Bros. She has performed at some of the biggest venues in the world including Royal Albert Hall, Wembley, and London Palladium just to name a few. Through that run came opportunities to grace the stage singing alongside and opening for some of the biggest names including Nicole Scherzinger, Cher, and Natasha Bedingfield. She has an extensive stage performance history under her belt, opening at music festivals such as Land of Nod and Life is Beautiful alongside some of the most talented indie artists. Angela continues to collaborate with top talent in the entertainment business and is currently working on an album. She plans to go on tour once that album is completed so that she can uplift, head bang, and of course....crowd surf!

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